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Interested in being interviewed on MFA Day Job? Or do you have a compelling story about balancing writing and work, job-hunting, or forging a career off the beaten path?

If this sounds like you, read on–


MFA Day Job is always interested in interviewing writers with M.F.A.s who make a living outside of academia. This means you’re not working in the adjunct mills or living it up as a tenure-track professor.

We’re also interested in featuring interviews with hiring managers who have hired folks with M.F.A.s, current M.F.A. students who plan on changing careers, and new parents with M.F.A.s who are stepping out of the workforce. 

Guest Posts 

Currently, MFA Day Job is seeking guest posts from recent M.F.A. graduates who are in the throes of a (non-academic) job search or have just completed one. If you have a pitch, please get in touch. Finished pieces are also okay: they should be between 700 and 1200 words and tell an interesting story, not just summarize your search or career.

Please contact leah [dot] falk [at] gmail [dot] com



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